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Jacson Bevens Will Dissly Color Rush Jersey , Mr. Cigar Thoughts himself, joins Seaside Chats to talk to me about what he liked about the 2018 season, both on offense and defense, and what the future may bring. He chats about Brian Schottenheimer, the run vs pass debate, should “twitter analysts” be so self-assured that they know all the answers, potential breakout players on defense like Jacob Martin, and much more. This episode is available to our Patrons at the $2/month level.EPISODE LINKIn addition to writing his wildly popular Cigar Thoughts series on Field Gulls, Jacson also helps folks unite with incredible hardwood floors in Washington. He did not ask me to do this but I know he’s a quality person so it’s safe to say that if you have flooring needs he’s a good person to know with quality hardwood floors and you can check out those services at Fairhaven Floors. You can also see their work on Instagram. Josh Gordon is getting closer to seeing the field. According to Adam Schefter, he passed his physical on Saturday and will practice with the hopes of playing against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 10 on Monday night. Normally this isn’t a huge deal. Most players pass their physicals upon reaching the new team (except Jeremy Lane) Michael Dickson Color Rush Jersey , but it is of interest simply because of how Josh Gordon came to Seattle in the first place. Nearly two weeks ago, the New England Patriots placed Josh Gordon on Injured Reserve. Apparently, they hadn’t informed Gordon that he was in fact, that injured.This sparked a good bit of speculation as to what exactly was going on behind the scenes in Foxborough. As it turned out, it was your garden variety Bill Belichick shenanigans in order to give less talented teams first crack at claiming Gordon, which failed miserably. Some passed with good reason, others not so much. Whatever the case, he’s here now, and even 75% of Josh Gordon feels better than 100% of Greg Jennings. Seattle hasn’t practiced yet this week, so we don’t know any more until they start back up on Thursday Alex McGough Color Rush Jersey , but according to head coach Pete Carroll, Gordon is “ready to go”, and has already been in the building studying. Knowing Russell Wilson’s style, I wouldn’t be surprised to read reports that they’re playing catch in Mexico as we speak. The Seahawks elected to take an extra day off this week, as they play the San Francisco 49ers in what could be the best Monday Night game of the season. If Gordon does play, it’s quite an impressive list growing at wide receiver. Gone are the days of it being a laughable position group for Seattle - at least in name. Tyler Lockett has league-wide renown, and the game that D.K. Metcalf just put up seemed to solidify his place as a very special rookie. Throw in Josh Gordon, and Seattle’s got an impressive trio of wide receivers, none of whom were drafted in the first round by the way.

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