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Application Effect Of LED Light Chain

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1.LED net light

LED net light is a holiday lighting product that connects LEDs with wires to a net shape. It is suitable for large-scale wall decoration and ceiling lighting. Our LED net lights can be made into square LED net lights and round LED net lights. , U-shaped LED net lights, triangular LED net lights, V-shaped LED net lights, star LED net lights and other shapes, equipped with the controller can produce dimming, chasing flash, left and right flowing chase and other effects.

2.LED curtain light

3.LED ice light
The LED ice light is made up of several groups of LED lights with different numbers of bulbs connected in series. The controller can achieve flashing, chasing and other effects. It is hung under the eaves to imitate the posture of the northern ice bar. People approach the ice and snow world to create a realistic Christmas environment and atmosphere.
Our ice light can do 1 circuit, 2 circuit and 4 circuit. With the controller, it can produce eight functions such as flashing, chasing and gradual change.

4.Double loop LED light string
LED Ruyi star light is composed of extended LED light string, external controller, can achieve a variety of flashing light changes

5.Single loop LED light string
①Single circuit LED light string is always on, non-extendable, and multiple colors can be selected
② Double insulation structure, each wire and each wire connector are double insulated to ensure safety and reliability
③ Waterproof, safe and reliable for outdoor use!

Ninghai Haohua Company is a professional China manufacturer and supplier of LED light chains. LED Light Chain   product specifications complete, exquisite style. The product is exported to Europe, the United States, Australia and other countries and regions. We have our own factory, factory direct sales, good quality and low price. Welcome to purchase: https://www.nhhx.net/product/led-light-chain/

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