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All roads lead back to RuneScape


When I look at the young generation today, I see young people that won't experience games which OSRS gold will stay with them the manner RuneScape did for all those people that grew up on it. Nearly all the giant titles today, one of of sea of games, don't stand out and specify a generation the manner RuneScape has. RuneScape carved its own path and generated its own identity that stays in the heart of countless young adults. It is quite a timeless adventure. I can recall, vividly, how my life progressed out of when I started playing RuneScape and every year thereafter.

Regardless of where I go or what choices I make, all roads lead back to RuneScape at the core of my individuality. It's integral to everything I do when I am not aware of it. The lessons I've learned, experiences I'd, and friendships I formed have had a lasting impact on who I'm.

 That is very boomer of you. But if you think games such as Minecraft and fortnite are not standouts that will shape the childhoods of many younger players you are wrong. It is absurd how ubiquitous those games are. Id agree, its only generational differences. Kids now will be awaiting Fortnite and Minecraft exactly the exact same manner we do at RuneScape. Just let people appreciate things.

I really don't believe he meant that they are not standouts. I might be wrong but I feel as though he was more referring to him playing the exact same game for his whole childhood even until now. I mean I have been enjoying RS for about 15 years now. Games such as Fortnite might have a hard time lasting that long due to the competition they have. You're right. I didn't name any other games since I did not want to create my sentiment seem inconsiderate of other people's experiences. I grew up on Minecraft, Halo, and lots of other names that will have a place in my heart. I only wanted to share how much it means to me I can look back on fond memories of RS.

I omitted Minecraft in my post because I wished to maintain the article focused on RuneScape. I really don't disagree with you, since I grew up with Minecraft as well and it was also an significant part my youth. Minecraft got me one of the darkest times of my life once I had to move and depart everyone to buy RuneScape gold I ever knew. He's no longer so it's difficult for me to work up the courage to perform without him. Those friends are now distant ghosts of the past, but I remember the wonderful times.

I find myself returning to RuneScape because the quantity of different things you can do is truly vast. Quests have real storylines unlike other matches and FFXIV doesn't come anywhere near it. It's a shame how EOC ruined the first RuneScape. I recall killing the Bandos boss by randomly mashing my ability bar like a piano, what EOC and mtx has done to this game is actually among the very unfortunate things ever to happen in mmorpgs.

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