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Hello hookah lovers,

my name is Chris im the founder of HookahIndex.com.

I started this project a while ago in 2014 and totally forgot about it, thankfully i found a 6 year old concept on my hdd. So here i am, working since a few weeks on it again. Did you ever wanted to buy hookah tobacco and spent to much minutes on research ? I started to put as many tobacco brands as possible in one big database that is easily accessible from your mobile device or home computer so you can easily search for flavours / brands and origin country’s. At the moment the database is supporting english and german flavour search. As the database begins to grow i will add more languages like russian and spain. To build such a database is not easy that’s why i’m here asking you for your help. Is your favorite tobacco brand / flavour maybe not in the database ? If you want it added please contact this email ([email protected]) with the following information: tobacco brand, tobacco name, tobacco flavour and the origin country. If you know more then five brands that are not in the database and are worth so you can just send me the tobacco brand names and i will research the flavours myself. All of you are free to use the database and hopefully your tobacco flavour search will be easier with a tobacco database like this. If you want to give me a feedback you can email me at [email protected] or just leave the feedback in this post. A big thank you and much love to all of you!

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