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Top Ways to use Short Promo Videos to Enhance your Affiliate Business


If you don’t know where to start, check out our video, which is very useful for starting:


Call to action
A competent call to action is the link between the video and the useful action that you expect from the subscriber. You can shoot stunning videos with thousands of likes and hundreds of reposts. But if you do not explain what is the next step after viewing, then make a serious mistake.

What to offer the subscriber? Ask to comment on the publication, go to the site, register, call, yes anything. Develop relationships with potential customers to convert them into real ones & this can be normally done by the people via sharing store coupons revglue.com/blog-detail/3-how-to-setup-a-responsive-uk-cashback-or-coupons-website-quickly-and-cheaply.

TOP 3 platforms for placing short videos
Today, video content format is supported by all popular social networks. But this does not mean that you can create a movie and just gash it everywhere. Each platform has features that should be considered to make your SMM work.

Let's look at 3 platforms where the video redleos.com/video-production-services/ will bring maximum results.

According to Animoto, Facebook is the most effective channel for promoting through video - 8.4 times more effective than others. The autostart function also played a role in this. And recently, Facebook also announced its own Watch video platform , an analogue of Youtube , which is useful to marketers and business owners.

Here are some insights for embedding short videos on Facebook:

According to Digiday, 85% of videos are watched without sound . Therefore, make sure that your video is understandable even without an audio track. Or supplement it with subtitles.
Facebook ranks its own videos higher than links. According to a study by Social Bakers, a downloaded video will receive coverage 10 times more than a link to video hosting.
In addition to the standard video, test the new video formats on Facebook. Not all entrepreneurs have implemented them in their SMM. So you have a chance to stand out among competitors.

Live streaming. According to statistics, people comment on live inclusions 10 times more often than regular videos . Popular live events last an average of 20 minutes. But with a maximum broadcast length of 4 hours, even this is relatively fast. In this format, it’s good to show preparation for events, answer questions or quickly share something interesting with subscribers.

360 ° panoramic videos. This format allows you to change the viewing angle when viewing. According to a YuMe study, 36% of users admit that round-robin videos attract them more often than regular videos . In this format, it’s good to shoot locations - office, shop, venue. But keep in mind that you will need a special camera for shooting.

According to a study by Brand Networks, the share of video ads in this social network has increased to 65% over the past year. Competing for the attention of subscribers has become more difficult. It is important that the video content is concise and catchy. Turn to emotions - intrigue, bewitch, mix, provoke and entertain.

The key to creating content for Instagram is length. Short videos can be uploaded as a regular movie in a tape (60 seconds) or in a disappearing format of stories (10 seconds), which Oles talked about in his video . But the live broadcast (also disappearing, by the way) can be conducted up to 1 hour.


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