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How to clear browsers cache on AOL Desktop Gold?

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Just like any other browser, when you Install AOL Desktop Gold also stores the endless web browser cache, in order to load them even faster the next time you open it. But this might hamper your pages and get technical glitches like freezing, buffering, unresponsive, etc. In order to overcome this, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:


1.     Start by launching the AOL Desktop Gold.

2.     Sign with your credentials and tap on the ‘Setting’ icon in the top menu bar.

3.     Now, in the left menu bar, click on ‘Browser.’

4.     Then, click on the ‘Security’ and then tick on to ‘Clear Footprints Now.’

5.     Finally, select the data you want to remove and click on ‘Click Footprints Now.’


For more info visit here: 

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