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Kingdom Dokha

Dokha Tobacco in Hookha Bars/Lounges

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     Although dokha and hookah tobacco both compliment each other and share their roots in Arabic culture, they are both vastly different and unique products. It is becoming more common to see them in similar settings, particularly in shisha lounge establishments and smoke shops, and specialty tobacconists around the world. Shisha has risen quicker in popularity in the last decade but dokha is beginning to catch up. 

     As the owner of two hookah lounges in Hawaii, I can honestly say dokha tobacco is what kept us afloat the first year. Unlike the the mainland US, hookah lounges and shisha are pretty much unheard of. Locals would come in and ask "what is a (ho'o'kah'a), using the colloquial pronunciation, even though we were in a college town. Dokha was even more unknown at the time, especially in the middle of the Pacific. All we had to do was sample out our dokha to people inside and it essentially sold itself. We built a really solid customer base almost immediately to get us over the initial new business hump.

Dokha makes and incredible side revenue and makes quite the shelf appeal as well. With all the anti-vape legislation going through in the US, storefronts and lounges will need an adapt and find new streams of revenue. Dokha is one of the many weapons in the arsenal to facilitate that.















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