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Kingdom Dokha

Dokha Tobacco for Super Shisha with Coupon Code

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Were a Colorado based tobacco company selling dokha which is used as a shisha enhancer or add-on. Dokha is a unique strain of Arabic tobacco that is sourced from Dubai, UAE. It can be mixed with other tobacco or smoking herbs or smoked out its small traditional pipe called a "medwakh". It's naturally high in nicotine and contains absolutely no chemicals or additives. Unlike other tobacco products that are flue, air, sun, or fired cured and fermented and aged, dokha is air-dried in desert conditions and ground in a timely manner. This retains the natural color, taste, and nicotine content of the leaf. There are commonly three types of dokha blends. Cold (smoother, lower nicotine made from mature bottom leaves), warm (mid-strength, leaves blended from different parts of the plant), and hot (newer growth made from top leaves, high nicotine and strong with a spicy taste).

Just a gram or two of a cold or warm blend can be mixed with shisha to create "super shisha". The dokha doesn't affect the taste or the strength of the smoke but ups the nicotine content of the smoke creating more of a hookah with a buzz. It's becoming more popular in shisha lounges as an add-on. Super shisha is becoming particularly more popular in Europe, especially Russia, although it is staring to make it's way to the American hookah scene.

kingdomdokha.com for products and a  list of educational articles about dokha and its history. Use coupon code "new15" for 15% off any purchase. Tobacco fit for a king!














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