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Neither are a bastion of sport design, only really worth


It is funny because  RuneScape gold osrs currently has wintertod and zolcano Skilling bosses that are pretty common content. I'd argue the OSRS team also has a severe lack of eyesight. Every update tends to align with PvM/Slayer one way or another. Why do we need combat bosses for non battle abilities? What is wrong with bunch mini games? IMO this is the product of employing an entire production of Devs that just knows PvM and nothing out of it. Hell, even the Mahogany Homes update is only building which employs the Slayer job based system.

You do not use battle to kill Todt/Zalcano. They could damage you, which I figure is like them being in combat with you, but I'd say that is part of what makes it a supervisor. Right, and I'm saying why do we need that for non battle abilities? Why does everything have to have a boss? Big game hunter is a good example of what a skilling boss might be in my opinion.

Because a match with 28 skills should also have challenging and fulfilling end game content for gamers that aren't in to PvM. Why do you think that it's a bad thing for your other 2/3 of this game to have endgame content? Completely agree. I really like PvM and'm a PvM'er in your mind and even I am saying enough is enough. In addition, I enjoy skilling and would love some group mini games or non combat actions I can also do that aren't focused around attacking something or using the slayer job system. The game is not well rounded at all and I'm not even sure the mods know how to create anything without the term"boss" in it at this point.

Neither are a bastion of sport design, only really worth . It is more fun than conventional skill training and decent gp with the trade-off of being somewhat lousy EHP. Zalcano isn't really good xp or enjoyable. It's just really good gp. Boss fight is the specific same every single moment.

Nearly every single boss fight is the same every single time. Interesting is a view. And the exp is actually bad for mining. It's going level your mining over time for certain. It's a hell of a lot more fun than any other approach to train firemaking or mining. BGH is the nearest thing we currently have to skilling bossing.

I would note that the community has experienced a lot of apprehension towards skilling bosses / difficult skilling in the past, and even today. I am not sure why they said that in the past, but it wouldn't leave me amazed if it was due to them trying to square a skilling boss with the community's expectations for skilling. A good deal of people have complained that skilling should not have costly updates, should not  buy OSRS gold have a mechanical skill factor, etc..


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