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What will probably be your first construct on nba2k21?



Exactly, the one  NBA 2K21 MT I made came with the badge split of 1/27/21/8. I intend on using it since the two guard for 3's and ProAm. If you go up in wingspan it can acquire lockdown takeover. Add in flooring general/dimer and you are reay difficult to overlook.

Yeah I played with a few similar shooting assembles to test badges a few. I just tried the flexible release once and obtained something similar. That game I had been trying the shot adhere more. I'm looking forward to 2kLab's badge testing. If shooting will require higher stats (through Mike Wang's tweet), then I'm wondering if they buffed the badges.Dunno if you played in presentation but for me personally every slightly early/late shot triggered elastic release. Not positive if it's a bug, or they buffed badge. Either way fine way to spend few extra badges.

What will probably be your first construct on nba2k21?

Either a 6'6 or 4'5 drama shot w/ max arms and lock takeover or perimeter lock (red/green). Difficult to pick cuz the demo is lips. Can't switch off the shot meter and you are pretty much forced to target and shoot with the rod if you want to green all your shots. Hands the stupidest addition 2k has ever produced. As long as you aim it properly, timing doesn't even matter.

The NBA 2K21 current-generation demonstration was released

For those who are oblivious, 2K added a coating to shot-stick shooting. Players can use the right analog stick to shoot jump shots.

Button-shooters are simply hoping to master the right timing, whilst shot-stick shooters have to master aim. When you take with the shot rod, you're basically controlling the shooter meter together with your right stick. The  Cheap 2K21 MT timing is always going to be ideal, but you have until the conclusion of the particular shot cartoon to line up the meter with the sweet section of the meter.

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