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I like the hp skillcape best and I enjoy it's untrimmed tbh same together


I get about RuneScape gold exp per hour but that is for f2p. And I have never been a member so you might also recommend a monster to train on when a mem for fast exp that would be fine ty for you time! Additionally when I turned into a mem I shall set a post and anybody who would like to perform castle wars or some other combat connected mini-game can contact me put that article so look for that later on. I am also getting enough stuff to get to enjoy 75 fletching so in the event that you want to fletch together member put that in my post when I say I am a mem! Ty again!

Hello, I need some help regarding my accounts, here are the things I need help with... 1 ). Trainin. 2. Skillcapes. 1. The problem I hae here's that I would like to produce a"Hp Pure" I understand you will find seval approaches to do so but im not sure what manner will get me the smallest cb lvl, I know that becoming 99 att or str with 1 att or str will get me 88hp, and now pcing is dead kinda I was thinking to do the following... Get 74str and 52hp I believe to be able to get 40cb, with the 40cb I will pc around 24k+ points to be able to receive 99hp, that should also get me around 99str if not allready 99str:] Any thoughts... I was max hp with least cb lol.

2. The problem I got here's lets say I get 99str and 99hp, I like the hp skillcape best and I enjoy it's untrimmed tbh same together with all the str, what I am trying to convey is, is it feasible to get more than one cape untrimmed as if I get 99str I would love to have the ability to wear the cape etc.. . Or will have to wait until 99hp if I need that cape untrimmed? 1 of them? Some people say can others say u cant... anyone hlep me? Many thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you can help me.

Well, I am training range at Red dragons in heroes' guild. I am not going anyplace else I don't think. Mith arrows, aren't fast enough. What way can I get fast kills without even spending a lot of money. I will sell some of my 9k mith arrows and use them to purchase bolts or arrows. What type of arrow/bolt if I get? I am only considering needing enough bolts to kill 200 dragons because I need 200 hides to sell to make myself a pretty penny or two to buy supplies/emerald bolts (electronic ) for iron monster hunting.

I do not need help with iron/steel dragons. I am an experienced vet. I am wondering if they are worth spending money on or not, taking into consideration the price of these and the effect of them. I'm asking about theĀ  OSRS Money diamond/emerald bolts for if fighting metal dragons...

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