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Animal Crossing's developers say the show'must continue to evolve'


EDIT: I forgot to  Animal Crossing New Horizons Items mention that I did talk with my daughter once we originally bought the match and told her she could do whatever she wishes to her house and yard but she needs parental approval to produce big changes on the rest of the island.

Was there ever any conversation BEFORE playing the sport about proper etiquette? EDIT: Someone advised me to edit this to devote a judgment. Correct me if I am doing it wrong.Because OP said they had a prior agreement, my final judgment is NTA.Sorry, forgot to mention that my daughter and I had an agreement that she can do whatever she wants for her own house and the space outside but she needs to ask my husband or I for consent to make massive changes on the rest of the island.

NTA - Any 9 year old would understand thatImpossible to say I started working on it about a month and a half ago and kept in it off and on bit by bit during that time. Still little pieces that I'm gonna keep working on!

That is really cool! I actually made Aeriths home from FFVII in Animal crossing (the place in the remake, furnishing remains in advance ) but want to create my second island Kingdom kisses themed

Animal Crossing's developers say the show'must continue to evolve'

Ironic when NH devolved a whole lot. I'd like villagers to say more than 4 lines. More interactivity with them, like games, quests, actions, adventures, taking them on flights into new islands etc.. Imagine having a"game night" and every villager has different propensities for different games plus they have stats which make them great in dexterity games or believing games. How about consuming the stuff I set down be  Cheap Animal Crossing Items interactive, aka games, actions, etc? Throw parties, challenges, SOMRTHING. Fuck the match is simply SO BLAND. It's just making things fairly and then nothing. Even the villagers suck, the repetitive"actions" suck, it is so dull. 50 hours in I turned it off and never needed to play .

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