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I was studying the salms realm guides and saw the treasure trails manual



Hey I am currently  RuneScape gold confused about what stats and such I need to have before becoming a member. And how much money I should have. Below are my current stats. Also, if you could speed my accont form 1-10, I would love it. The 2 ways I earn money are: Buying 200 coal and 100 iron ore (about 46k) and smelting into 100 steel bars and buying 62.5k in the Grand Exchange. Getting Raw Lobsters (Swordfish take too long to fish) And selling them in the Grand Exchange. If you can also tell me the way to generate money, I'd appreciate it. I've read Sal's money making guide over and over, I simply don't find any helpful hints. Again Thank you beforehand.

Before, I was studying the salms realm guides and saw the treasure trails manual, I havent done among these in so long, so I picked up my scimmy and began killing guards. About (litterally) 300-400 guards after I received a level two suggestion scroll, hurah! I found the first clue no issue but then I found that a co-ordinates one, idle as I am, I googled the co-ordinates to locate it had been below the altar in rimmington, I chose my spade there - no indication of itafter (litterally) 20 minuites of googling I found out that I had a watch and some other things that I havent got round to yet.

I went into ardougne, found brother kojo, rapidly kept clicking'click to continue', until the questions came , but I clicked on the question that began Clock tower, now when I speak to him he tells me about coloured clogs, therefore in an effort to finnish the quest, the reddish clog and also the white clog wont fit onto the spindles and I cant even find the blue cog, whats happened, how do I get out of itor will I never be able  cheap School RS Gold to follow a treasure route? And also, will the graph and other thing in the observatory be the hard to acquire.


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