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I rather see this story as the narrative of the last great pirate era


Well, in the end  Animal Crossing Bells they still seem really fine, demonstration is still looking great, even if he's a puppy;-RRB- Heavy seems like he'd make a great teddy bear plush. Would buy. Animal Fortress: New Horizons

I'll let you take care of this hat... Someday, return it to me as a great pirate (One Piece in Animal Crossing)

In case boruto has taught me anything its that following a single bit is found and the series is over there'll be another sequence. Probably set in the not so far future with the other youthful plucky crew going after the name of pirate king.

I rather see this story as the narrative of the last great pirate era. Kinda the way Naruto was set in the last great ninja age. When they do eventually finish 1 piece and begin a continuation series, after the majority of questions are answered, I would imagine its set in the age of piracy coming to an end. All very much enjoy the manner Boruto is put in a world where ninjas are becoming scarce.

Agreed, have been saying this for a little while but the existing world of One Piece is really masterfully built and has so much potential, it might be a shame if they either"pulled it away" or made a"sequel".

The longer the story travels the more I get the feeling that something potentially sketchy is up with Shanks. The Gorosei thing is a huge question mark of course. A former Roger celebrity who may or may not understand the truth of the world getting an emperor but refusing to pursue the crown or even the poneglyphs. He seems to desire peace and liberty and only became an emperor to be able to cool, just throwing his weight about to prevent unnecessary slaughter of innocents, but as we know more about the emperors and the government the longer his place in this world starts to feel completely  buy bells animal crossing new horizons suspicious.

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