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Looking at the real world, a subject that was brought up a very long time past



Looking at the real world, a subject that was brought up a very long time past, and RuneScape, I had a terrific idea. (imagine fantasy reenactment from Windows 7 commercials) What would happen if I spent in an item, and used inflation to RS gold add profit? In the actual world, the authorities must put money into the market to keep it going, if just a few million dollars here and there. In Sals clan chat quite a long time ago, someone brought up the issue about where everyone gets their money. People gave the clear response, monster drops, but it's quite unlikely that each of the cash comes from monster drops.

Half the time, I do not even select UP the money! I had been considering it, and the only sensible conclusion was that Jagex inserts cash into the economy, through general shops, specialty shops, pking drops, monster drops, and maybe even the GE. My idea, or rather, my prospective idea is this: What if I purchased millions or thousands of an item, then held onto it for 3 decades? Would I gain money from the pure inflation of the economy? Is there inflation in RuneScape (I'm pretty sure there's )? Please help and thanks in advance.

The reply to your question yes you will earn money, though it may not be significant. This is based on the nature of supply side economics. In Runescape, the majority of an item's price is based on supply. The more of a product that's present in the sport, the lower the price will go. So as more people achieve high levels to perform difficult bosses, skilling actions, etc, these expensive items will become more common inside the game. However, for rares the exact same effect will operate in a contrary way. Since the supply of these items is very low, they will just continue to grow. The concept of inflation in Runescape is hard to explain.

Since in real-life wealth infrequently'disappears' as it does in Runescape (with folks quitting, dieing etc). However, the rate of wealth introduced to the match is higher than the wealth taken out so there will nevertheless be inflation. As to OSRS Gold For Sale your idea of Jagex inputting money into the sport, there might be some truth to it.

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