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FixMaddenFranchise is nothing at all like what happened with BF2


FixMaddenFranchise is nothing at all like what happened with BF2. Financially, legally, geopolitically, Disney, only on a whole different level. Significant fan revolt. EA panicks. Disney has involved. I mean that they hear if it gets bad enough. That it is. NFL isn't getting involved with Madden 21 coins this. There is no legal exposure for EA. NFL is not concerned. Hell, the discontent was already string before the renewed EA's exclusivity and it didn't stop them from giving it back into EA. Well they have never made a public announcement like this earlier. Whilst this is apparently a positive sign, please temper anticipation and stick with any firearms you're sticking to. Current-gen discs of Madden 21 are in or very nearly in the can. Devs will be working on crucial Day One Patch problems up until a week or two before release date.Madden NFL 21 Sees Strong First Week Unit Earnings up Nearly 20 Percent Year-Over-Year

Not surprising once you're the only licensed football game at a quarantined year that has postponed this season. The fans are starved of their preferred sport. The season is not delayed it is still starting punctually, next Thursday. Dont understand why you're downvoted, NFL preseason is awful. I know some people today get up for it since they are desperate for football, but it is just so dull and doesnt tell you anything. I have seen groups go winless and win the superbowl, and other teams crush preseason and have awful years. Let's not pretend like it's absolutely pointless when we haven't experienced a negative record preseason team win the Superbowl in over ten years, and in the past 50 decades only 1 team has gone winless in preseason and actually won the Superbowl (and only 3 in total have left the Superbowl).

Didnt understand why im downvoted either believing I literally work with the NFL broadcasting team and also have the numbers at my own desk. There wasn't anything in your first remark that triumphed that you'd"inside" knowledge. I know why you are being downvoted because some people literally do watch the preseason and you come off as smug. You are likely being downvoted by men and women who have watched preseason. Educated opinions don't really work on reddit. I have discovered to stop commenting on things involving my area of work because some snarky adolescent who does not have any clue what they are talking about is going to be upvoted by the hivemind who also has no idea what they're talking about.

"nobody watches the preseason" is an entirely meaningless comment. How were people supposed to guess that its coming from somebody who's supposedly informed? Individuals who say they're going to boycott are usually people that never had any intention to purchase in the first place. Yep. Also, the majority of the time people who are current with the newest gaming controversies are not exactly sports lovers, which is obviously the biggest playerbase of sports matches. I believe a lot of people forget about this. For plenty of madden 2k etc. buyers that is gonna be 1 of maybe 4 of 5 games they buy that year they don't care about buy Madden nfl 21 coins any controversy. Hell as a huge basketball and video game fan I understand 2k is fucking me over but I really like basketball and play 2k religiously alone and with friends why do I not buy it lol.


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