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Now we could return and do floor 1 .


When you have completed all of the floors you are able to perform on your first run, the game will inform you that you can't do any new flooring, and will prompt you to"reset your progress". This would probably be better known as saving your progress, but what it does is to move your current progress to  RS gold a"save slot" predicted previous progress and indicate each of the flooring you did in the prior streak of floors rather than finished. Basically, then, it saves how deep you got into the dungeon, then makes it so you may redo earlier flooring without being penalized.

That is where people normally get lost, so let us go back to our example. In the situation described above, we've completed floors 1, 2, 4 and 3, but can't do floor 5. We do not wish to replicate floors or the XP will use a prestige figure of 0. Rather we"reset", which moves our existing advancement (prestige) amount of 4 into our prior advancement (prestige) number. We'll now have a present improvement of 0 (since we only"reset" and so are beginning a new streak ) and a preceding advancement of 4 (out of if we reset).

Now we could return and do floor 1 . As soon as we complete it, the game will see that we've got a present progress of 1 (from completing floor 1 in this series ) but a preceding progress of 4. This ensures that we are rewarded for being done 4 floors in a row without copying any.

The Way Prestige Changes XP Granted for Flooring. The prestige system means that when you reset advancement and then go back to earlier floors, you get more XP than you did the first time you completed them, but significantly less than you will when you replicate the deeper floors. As an example, if my previous progress (prestige) is 9 when I reset, then when I return to perform floor 1 the XP will be contingent upon averaging 9 and 1. When I do flooring 2, it is going to be averaging 9 and 2, and so on buy OSRS gold . I will find the most foundation XP once I work my way back down to floor 9, where I will be averaging 9 and 9. Overallthis works out to about 25 percent less XP than if the game allow you to replicate your deepest level with no prestige penalty.

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