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Their last chance?

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For Prayer just bury the bones you get; at reduced levels it'll help you get quite a few prayer levels. Fundamentally those two are fairly great for low level f2p coaching ). If you kill cows, make certain to  RuneScape gold pick up their hides, it's good money. It's usually empty and close to a bank as well. Runecrafting: This is not a combat skill, but suggest training it first to provide you with the runes you are going to want for Magic (if you don't want to buy them of course).

Do what Bennub stated; however at level 33 you'll be profiting from crafting air runes. Magic: Now you when you have enough money(~40k) buy a water personnel, couple hundred earth runes and couple hundred body runes. Now throw contested till level 11, then weaken to level 19. Because you may cast these while safe-spotting you won't require food. When you run out of runes or get bored you can always return to other skills, get cash and return later. You might even throw battle spells if you would like to.

Right, then throw curse to level 25, Varrock teleport to level 37, Falador teleport to level 43. Then comes Superheat. Since you'll need atleast 15 Smithing to generate iron bars(or 30 for metal bars; both are very good, is dependent on personal taste ) I would say train your Smithing (and Mining as you're at it). Mining + Smithing: Again do exactly what Bennub said (he is actually quite helpful, amazingly xD) for Mining. Now smelt your ores and smith the bars you get. After your 15(or 30), you should begin Superheating. You might also purchase bars and smith them.My stats are below and have the next - I am really poor by the way - less than 1m gc Mage. Shield - farseer Helm. Glory Ammy & CB Brace. Ranger Red Drags, Archer Helm, Magic Bow, Rune Arrows. Glory Ammy & CB Brace. Melee Drag med. Rune Plate body & Kite Shield (Toktz-ket-xil). Someone on line has suggested I focus on getting my power up stats to 99 and  buy osrs gold safe get a GW sword (beyond my way ) - any comments?

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