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I decided to get a tzharr slayer task to fight jad to your free range boost in my entire slayer helm


If you get your  RS gold Woodcutting up, you could chop Oaks. Yews are also an alternative, but they don't get good until WAY high lvls that I'm assuming you won't receive... Making Soft Clay is a favorite money manufacturer of mine. F2p Dailies (Look it up.) Tanning Cowhides.

Seeing as I do not possess a firecape and that I need one I decided to get a tzharr slayer task to fight jad to your free range boost in my entire slayer helm. Now, that being said I need some tips on gear . My inventory consisted of a random number of brews+Restores, Enchanted Excalibur, Whip (for the first few waves and also to melee the poorer monsters), Diamond Bolts (e) and a few range potions. Now, how can I improve this set-up so that I could kill this guy and never see him again? Apparently you can make money Chinning Necroal's...? Skeleton Apes on Ape Atoll would be the fastest, but you drop a good deal. I train : 1 ). Fire Giants at Waterfall. 2. Green Dragons in Chaos Tunnels. 3. Ankous at SoS. 4. Blue Dragons at Taverly Dungeon. 5. Avansies! I know you gain in the aforementioned (Rune Cbow + Broad/Mith Bolts.) Cannoning Dag's beneath the Lighthouse is seemingly good aswell. I think I read someplace you gain, or break even all of the time. Red Dragon in Brimhaven Dungeon is good, if you can get a pattern going, fantastic money too. Green Dragons in Clan Wars, also in the Ogre area by Yanille (Forget the name.) Black Dragons at the Evil Chickens Lair is excellent money, used to stove there on my own chief. Anywho, whatever you decide on, goodluck.

25 Str in a day? How long can you play and what is your Atk lvl? If your plan is to train Range ANY higher than 40 (40 being the min to get Green D Hide) then purchase a Maple Long also so it is possible to add the Sight for it, as it's overpowered in F2p.

Assuming you are not staying 1 Atk, do Vampire Slayer to get 20 Atk. As you are remaining 1 Def, get 40 Range for Green D Hide, which is the best Def bonus in F2p for a 1 Def Pure. In case your Atk/Str is high enough, then you won't lvl in any way. I highly suggest getting Range upward, even when you only need the Def increase of the Green D Hide. Same thing for Magic unless you prefer to walk. 25 for Varrock Tele, although I always get 37 to get Fally. If your Atk/Str is high enough, you won't lvl in any way. I do this since I have begun to rely on teles, in case you are not lazy like me, then skip this. Two Str Potions  buy OSRS gold and the rest food (Lobbys are inexpensive at the moment, make the most.)

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