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I personally would train at Green Drags, or Blue Drags in Taverly Dungeon


Here is the Slayer  RS3 gold dart method essentially: Take out DH first (do not forget to pray). Ahrims (use what is left of your prayer + dragonhide and a melee weapon). Verac (most people pray here but I don't enjoy using Prayer pots so that I simply tank and utilize my meals to heal). Guthan (hes a slice of cake, should not give you a lot of trouble). Torag (even easier than Guthan). If you are thinking about why I take a Prayer potion it's if I get a DH tunnel, you always need to pray when battling DH since he can hit fairly hard.

I usually receive a KC of 20ish, it doesn't help getting Barrow items more often but it helps getting more runes/racks etc.. (But I'm a noob:P, if your stats are like mine there are much better Barrow methods.

This is certainly not the best method but it's the way I get it done and it works. Additionally, it is pretty cheap if you do it right, at least that I make money every excursion (not much but nevertheless profit) even when I don't buy a Barrows item. Would not that just splash. Also, is there some quests I got to perform other then preist in peril (I finish this you shortly haha!) The accuracy of Slayer dart is not influenced by your magic bonus, it merely affects how hard you hit with it so it's better to take melee armour for greater defensive bonuses.

Slayer Dart precision is influenced by your mage bonus (go kill metal slides in rune and compare it to Mystic, you'll see a massive difference). You will hit the same in mystic as you would in rune. In terms of the black sally, it's really only worth using if you have a high defence level or are using blitz/barrage too to sidestep. Sally is a bit more persistent then slayer dart, and iirc it strikes more at 70 mage afterward slayer dart does at 70 mage.

78-80 Attack shouldn't take long at all, maybe a couple days, maybe a week if you slowly. I personally would train at Green Drags, or Blue Drags in Taverly Dungeon if you uneasy with the wild. It is pretty slow exp., however it's decent cashwise. If you're striving for exp. And rate, I'd go for Yaks, Experiments, Flesh Crawlers (SHoS), or even maybe Rock Crabs. Each one of these areas will have a decent stream of exp., as  buy RuneScape gold well as being quite casual and very low risk.


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