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How to use the reputation feature!

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I know this isn't feedback or a suggestion.. But I've noticed that people really don't give much rep around here..

If you like a post, rep it..

If you find a post informative, rep it..

If you like an idea in the post, rep it..

If you fancy anything at all in the post, just rep it. :P

Here's a quit tutorial for you..

I'm using this post for example.. http://www.hookahlounge.net/shisha-forum/hookah-product-reviews/532-romman-shisha-reviews.html#post4121


First, you press the little scale icon in the top right corner of that post.. Then you'll get something like this that will pop up:


So, you'll want to make sure it's set on approve, if you like the post, or reverse.

Also, try to write a comment, so that person knows what you were talking about when they finally realize they can check it.


Also, disapproving a post lowers the person's reputation points - meaning that this shouldn't be used lightly. I recommend using the reputation system to disapprove of someone's post very very sparsely, as karma can sometimes bite you in the butt.

One last thing.. If you want to check on your reputation points, you can click here and it should take you to your "Control Panel" where you should see something like this.. Where it says "Latest Reputation Received".

[or you can press "Quick Links" on the navigation bar above the forums, and there's a link to your control panel in there.]


I just don't see many people using it, hardly at all. It's a great feature for the forum.. I just wanted to encourage more users to use it, but thanks for checking out the thread.

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the reps you receive depends on the number of rep point the "rep giver" has.

So for example if I give someone a rep it adds more point than if a new member ads rep.

So the longer you stay the more reps you get. I'll try to give reps to all who post good posts.


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Rofl, wow. The last five reps that i've been given has been from this thread. lol

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