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I like to believe we still dont understand enough about the world of botw

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What's likely happening and  Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells why they won't even reveal us an upgrade: A totally different style of Zelda. It is not unprecedented. They might have gotten side-tracked here, and only redesigned the game entirely. New map, fresh artwork style, new narrative, who knows. For all this waiting, I would welcome it.

I like to believe we still dont understand enough about the world of botw, if its the same exact world map I would say I wouldnt be into it but the place we get to explore in the very first game isn't all of the world. I think we're gonna receive a new side of hyrule. But unlike Esam who will forever be tormented by"boxing ring" and other such matters he said, if any of us get famed now we can always use unique usernames so nobody knows what we said and did when we were dumb kids.

Really made me understand the price of anonymity that large streamers/youtubers and celebrities pay. Well worth the price IMO but it's undoubtedly a factor.

There was little to no respect for Sakurai in the west in the afternoon. I remember there was a favorite webseries of SSB pieces made from spritework and there was an whole joke of Ridley, Geno, Mega guy, and some different characters getting mad they weren't in the match and Geno just fireblasting all of Japan for this. It had been just like, in retrospect, incredibly fucked up

You're correct  Cheap Nook Miles Ticket that there was a lot of hatred and disrespect towards Sakurai, but Smash Kingdom was in good fun and generally featured a lot of dark humor. You must dig deep in the archives of Smashboards, GameFAQs and NeoGAF (if that's even possible with the latter) to find the authentic vitriol.

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