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In Animal Crossing New Horizons


In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can mail a postcard to every other player, to considered one of Animal Crossing Items your villagers, or, oddly sufficient, for your future self, to reach six or 12 or but many months down the street. On an specially shaky day remaining 12 months, when every bit of actual-world information became worse than the ultimate (and stimulated with the aid of a touching viral tweet from a player who sent one from "Past Madison" to "Future Madison"), I did the identical. 

I poured into it all the questions my coronavirus-coping self had: Are you out of quarantine? Are you each still hired? Are colleges open once more?  Is anybody nevertheless OK? Is there a vaccine? Please let there be a vaccine.But then lifestyles and career and marriage and parenthood intervened, and video games fell away for me for a long term. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and an unforeseen pandemic, introduced them again.

It's a fake postcard despatched to a fictional person on a digital island, however writing down Buy Animal Crossing Items those questions felt real, one tiny determined prayer lobbed into the darkness. I haven't obtained it yet. But one day I'll open the sport, stroll to my pretty little blue mailbox outdoor my old fashioned little Tiffany-blue residence, read what I wrote, and recollect how scary and darkish the actual world appeared in mid-2020. 

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