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Then I ran an experiment to determine the extent to which RuneScapeF2P

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All videos have to be made in RuneScape (live actions are not considered to be machinima) and uploaded via YouTube. Submissions via Gallery or via the Postbag email address will not be considered. For a full list of rules and conditions, and to see an example video from  OSRS Gold TehNoobShow, subscribe to our YouTube page at www.youtube.com/runescape. This thread on the forum is a great place to ask questions regarding the contest and to get suggestions to create your own videos. We're eager to hear the ideas you can contribute to the competition.

Today, I went through my bank account to find out whether there were any items I could offer for sale. I found some bronze/iron armor that I was unable to sell due to the fact that it was extremely valuable.

Then I ran an experiment to determine the extent to which RuneScapeF2P is greedy and dropped an Iron Med Helm just out of my way. After waiting for a few minutes to see the helm show up and I could observe 10 players leaving the crowd to take the helm.

I was amazed. Rune and Adamant armor was also worn by a few of the hoards. It was awe-inspiring for me to see people pay to buy an item that cost 55gp. After buying an assortment of lobsters for my fight train, I noticed that I had only just a few Gp remaining from the $3000 I redeemed from my account. I decided to put it aside and see what happened. Like I had hoped there was a rush of people to get the 20gp I had dropped.

This has caused me to be less enthused about F2Pers (not the ones on this forum). even more. It's incredible for me to think that someone will go to such extreme measures to acquire more money or other things. This is more pathetic than  Buy RuneScape Gold complaining about their lack of resources at the Grand Exchange.

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