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They aren't really important in the big picture

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They aren't really important in the big picture, however, they'll need to Mut 22 coins play the game as they are. It's unfair to play anyone who's only score of 76 overall.

The only way for Evans and other players to increase their rating is to put on a great year in 2021. With a good success this year Evans might be able to bring his rating back to a 92 +.

EA Sports hasn't officially started divulging player ratings in Madden 22 yet, but it's never too late to speculate. This week, we made our predictions for who will be in Club 99 this year, and this week we're taking a look at the most crucial position on the field, quarterback.

Is there any question with this one? Patrick Mahomes is undoubtedly the most effective player at the quarterback position in the league, adept at making plays using his feet or arm. Mahomes isn't the only top-rated quarterback in Madden 22, I believe that he'll also be part of the 99 core club players at the time of launch.

Mahomes was graded a perfect 99 overall in Madden 21 at launch and I think he'll be right in the top spot again this season, particularly given that he's a co-cover-athlete for Madden 22 along with Tom Brady.

At just 25 years old, Mahomes isn't even in the best of his career. He's already thrown for more than 14,000 yards, has 114 touchdowns and an all-time 108.7 QB rating. He's played in two Super Bowls and has won both of the games. He's as talented as any.

In Madden 21, Mahomes finished Super Bowl week with 97 Awareness, 97 Throw Power 96 Throw Under Pressure and an accuracy rating of 97/93/94. In addition, he has 90 Break Sack and 96 Play-Action and the 98 Throw on buy Madden 22 coins the Run. Actually, I'm not seeing many changes coming with Madden 22.

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