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14, is numerous grid participants of Ruili Strong tobacco Monopoly Institution.

In Pase Hamlet, the responsibility class of Ruili Strong tobacco Monopoly Institution, factories, rental real estate and real estate under construction are typically in the largest percentage, with nearly 33 Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons % of unfamiliar nationals and over fifty percent of hovering population. Personnel control is difficult. During the work for community grid direction, information mapping together with statistics really should not careless or simply slow. Common information proof, information Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online assortment of people during need, vaccination information, sampling test, etc. Behind each pair of data  together with each mode, there happen to be sleepless hours.

In order to guarantee the priority for efficiency, complete results together with timely feed-back, 14 grid workforce will get and verify the actual outcome by phone on such basis as wechat number collection.

Fully understand the significant burden, daring and resolute. There holds quite some distance to can start epidemic deterence and deal with. In the protracted battle with epidemic, the cadres together with staff for Dehong Tobacco work almost all the time as anti-epidemic militia who always keep fighting 24x7, making the very Wholesale Cigarettes Store first intention for epidemic deterence and deal with shine vibrantly.

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