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Fumari Shisha Reviews

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Fumari Mango


-28 hits/person over 40-45 minutes

-3 individuals in the circle

-2 CoCo Naras on standard Mya bowl

-3 hose Mya Staff filled with cold water with a small Heba diffuser

First Impressions:

Packed in a sleek, resealable pouch, the tobacco smelled strong and fruity, and was extremely juicy. It appeared much like Romman, undyed and moderately cut.

Post Mortem:

Mostly cooked, but still quite dry, especially in comparison with how it started.


-Lots of flavor (bowl would not die)

-Fairly accurate mango flavor (at times)


-Unpleasant "saltiness" present at various levels throughout the session

Andrew's Thoughts:

Given that we've tried three or four TERRIBLE mangos already, I wasn't expecting a lot from the Fumari, but I had heard good things about both the brand and flavor, so what the hell. The lack of dye, juiciness, and fruity flavor all boded well for this shisha, but alas that failed to translate to a pleasant smoking experience.

While the smoke itself started off a little weak, it quickly thickened up, and for a little while I was blowing sweet, thick clouds, with only a hint of salt in the flavor. However, as the session continued, the flavor became more and more salty, while the mango flavor started to peter out. In fact, we ended up killing the bowl not when the "flavor" disappeared, but when it seemed we were inhaling seawater.

The fact that most mango tobaccos are bad doesn't make this one good. However, if you ARE hell-bent on smoking some mango, this is probably the best you are going to do (at least, in our experience).

Eric's Thoughts:

So I had read somewhere on the intarwebs that Fumari made one of the only worthwhile mango flavors out there. And because I have never ever ever had a good mango flavored shisha in my life, I decided I had to give this a try. Now before I go on to talk about Fumari, let me talk about what I've encountered from other mango flavored shishas. For just about all offerings I've had prior, the flavor has never been good. Forget accuracy, the flavor has oftentimes been downright disgusting. Every other mango flavored shisha I've had has been plagued by a bizarre saltiness that I simply cannot figure out. At first I always thought it was me, something I had done, but after disappointing showings time and time again, I started to realize that it wasn't my fault, something about the mango flavoring is innately salty for some reason.

Now Fumari had a decent flavor, still sporting the saltiness that is characteristic of most of the other mango shisha's I'd have prior, but to a lesser extent. So that wasn't horrible. It was reasonable sweet and fruity. Not the most accurate flavor, but still decent. Now here's where it takes a turn for the strange. As the bowl got further and further along, the flavor actually got stronger for me. I can't account for this either, and while this would be normally considered a good thing, the salty flavor got stronger as well. This made the bowl practically unsmokable, and after a few more rounds, we called it quits. Bottom line is, the best mango flavored shisha so far, but still not a great mango shisha.

Peanut Gallery:

(Caroline) This is the first mango I have smoked, and although I am told its better than that of other brands I am still not a fan. For the most part it was, well, fairly disgusting. Mango was definitely the dominant flavor, but it was incredibly salty and became progressively more so as time went on. The last hit I took tasted like nothing but salt and made me choke. Not something I would ever recommend to anyone.


While it is far too finicky for us to recommend to the average smoker, anyone who is really interested in smoking mango tobacco should definitely give Fumari a shot.


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Guest roka_zulu

lmao @ inhaling seawater..

this sounds like something to do if you have serious congestion.

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