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Layalina Reviews

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Golden Layalina Sweet Peach


-28 hits/person over 50 minutes

-4 individuals in the circle

-Mya Staff filled with ice water

First Impressions:

This stuff comes in a kickass 50g tin, which you don't usually see. Very red and juicy, smells like an overripe peach.

Post Mortem:

Mostly cooked, still a little bit of moisture at the bottom.


-Smells like a sweet peach

-Comes in an awesome tin


-Tastes baked and artificial

-Unimpressive smoke/buzz

Andrew's Thoughts:

It may come in a bitchin' tin and smell sweet and peachy, but Golden Layalina Sweet Peach leaves a lot to be desired. At first, it tastes like a real "sweet peach", but that is soon replaced by a more "baked" flavor. It tastes thin and artificial, like cheap peach cobbler-flavored candy. While it was never overtly offensive, it was never quite pleasant, either. Neither the smoke nor the buzz warrant mentioning, leaving me thoroughly unimpressed with this flavor, though it compares quite well to Rosetta's disastrous attempt.

Eric's Thoughts:

Another peach flavored shisha, another missed mark. When this bowl started out, we tasted that same plastic-y gross taste that we had with the Rosetta shisha. We started questioning our own sanity, wondering if all peach flavors would be plagued by this nasty taste. Upon realizing though that the shisha was overheating a wee bit, and rectifying that particular situation, the flavor improved. Still not quite like biting into a ripe juicy peach, more like taking a swig of peach schnapps. You can definitely tell its a peach flavor, but its not a peach peach. Still though, despite its err on the side of the artificial, it was significantly better than the Rosetta, and thus at least warrants another look.

Peanut Gallery:


As Andrew mentioned, the tin this stuff comes in is great and made me pretty excited to try it, as dumb as that sounds. I was horribly disappointed when I smoked it, though–it's very artificial-tasting. At best, the Peach is mediocre.


Better than Rosetta, but that's not saying much. Not terrible, but we won't be buying this again.


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Guest Genie

No effort being expended here on a "proper" review format. I didn't like it at all. Tasted artificial, very little flavor, didn't smell particularly good out of the box. Won't ever buy it again ever.

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