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Guest mitchard



Guest mitchard

I haven't been on here in months. Haha. How is everyone?

I haven't been smoking much in the last 6 months or so. Maybe one bowl a week, if that. I finally decided to pick it back up again. Placed a big order, and planning on doing another one when I get paid in a week or so.

2x250g Tangiers Maraschino Cherry

2x250g Tangiers Kashmir Cherry

1x250g Tangiers Orange Soda

1x250g Tangiers Chocomint

1x250g Tangiers Lucid Orange Soda

1x250g Tangiers Lucid Like That One Breakfast Cereal

1x250g Tangiers Lucid Green Tea

1x250g Nakhla Mizo Mint

1x250g AF Watermelon

1x250g AF Esk Apple

Plus a few boxes of AF cocos. :)

Everything should be here on Thursday!

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Guest kalutika

Welcome back. That's quite the order. Wish I could make one of that level. Enjoy. You have some awesome flavors listed there that are high on my list.

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