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Memphis, TN

I'll post the address when I remember it.

  • Tobacco - Eh. They use those single-serving Hookah-Hookah shots that are all fake juice, little tobacco. Sure, if you're a noob and don't know how to pack your own hookah, and you aren't spoiled on high-quality tobacco, these are great. But I expect better when I go to a hookah lounge. That just screams "Hey, college kids!" Then again, so does the name of the store. But there is good money in that.
  • Pipes - They're like baby hookahs. I have one at home I take with me to parties and things because it has a convenient case, and I don't want drunk people to break my good hookahs. They're like those. They have some double-, triple-, and quadruple-hose ones, too, and they're not bad.
  • Staff - During my last visit, I had some decently knowledgeable guy help us out. Before that, there was a girl who didn't even know what kind of tobacco they used. She was very friendly, but very much ignorant.
  • Crowd/Atmosphere - I used to think nothing was worse than a moronic college crowd, but I didn't take into account the possibility of there being a place full of high-school kids. "Hey, I just turned 18, I'm going to buy a pack of cigarettes, a porno, and go to a hookah lounge!" Or even better, "Hey, I'm 16 or 17 -- I don't know, because I'm so high -- and I know somebody who won't check my ID at this place, so I'm going to go chill there and talk about how high I am while trying to sneak some weed in the hookah while I'm drinking out of my flask and making an ass of myself." Go to hell.
  • Food/Beverages - I had some hummus here last time that was actually pretty good. And it came with delicious, fresh bread. They serve tea by giving you a cup of hot water and letting you make your own. They had Lipton Green Tea, which was pretty tasty and also Tazo tea, which is made by Starbucks, which I don't support on principle. But I've had the orange kind, and it's not very good.

I used to really dislike this place, but I went back to Memphis over the holidays and had some really good times there. The crowd is really annoying for the most part, but that's Memphis for you. And I miss Arabs when I go there.

It is a great place to study and relax. I've never seen it really hectic.

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