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So... I want to open my own Hookah Bar in Brazil...

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So guys,

I`m doing a small research in order to buy a Hookah bar of my own here in Sao Paulo. Recently we got a new law that is forbidden to smoke indoors, so many bars, which offered Hookahs as a side thing are not offering anymore.

We can still open one as a Cigar Lounge/Bar, so that`s a problem.

The thing is, there are no current bars that offer Hookah in Sao Paulo, as of now, and there is a big investment oportunity there.

The thing is, is it really profitable? I just came from traveling around the world a bit, I went to Turkey to a Hookah Bar, and could see that people stay there for long period of times, 2-5 hours. And that`s where I wonder, is it profitable to open a Hookah bar where people spend so long period of time?

I know it is not a fast-food, but let`s say a group of 4 come in and sit there for 4/5 hours, as of my previous expertise (i have a major in Hotel Management, where we look into bars & restaurants) it is not that profitable.

I would like to hear a little bit from clients & owners (if we have any in heere).

thank you very much,


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If you offer more than just hookah, then I could see it benefiting from both. Maybe like food? Even Alcohol? It really just depends on the way you run it, I guess.

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