Brand and Flavor:  Fusion apple Pie

This flavor is somehing interesting.  It’s a fairly unbalanced combination of a green apple flavor and a slight cinnamon.  It’s tasty but it’s not really an accurate apple pie flavor.  I have smoked this out of a standard Egyptian bowl and a vortex with similar results in both.  There was not a big difference in flavor between the two but the vortex behaved a little better with this one because it’s so wet.  I used the same foil I usually do.  Just basic foil in one layer and with a lot of small holes.  This flavor is nice and I would suggest to to anyone that is intersted in a spiced apple flavor.  Honesty being there are better options though.  The apple is just a mediocre apple and the spice is lack luster.  If I want an apple pie like flavor I will take a decent apple and a good spice mix and blend it myself.

All in all I would give this one a 6 out of 10.

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