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Most Famous Hookah Brands

This page is currently being updated (during February and March 2015)

Chinese Hookahs

Mass produced and factory made. These vary greatly in quantity but are, in general, low quality and prone to rust.

Mya Saray

Mya hookahs are high quality Chinese hookahs. Makers of the most well known portable hookahs. The QT and the Bambino. Very cleanly made with consistent quality. Their construction and designs are greatly varied. The materials used vary just as much but cast brass is common among many of their pipes.

Egyptian Hookahs

Known for their large inner diameter stems and easy draw. The general construction of an Egyptian hookah is a straight inner stem surrounded by a hollow shell that is the actual visible aesthetic quality. There are countless variations and other styles but this is by far the most common.

Farida Hookahs

See our Farida Hookahs article.

Khalil Mamoon

Khalil Mamoons are known for their beautiful and often copied style. High quality and hand made. Khalil Mamoon Hookahs come in a countless number of designs including various materials. The trimetal line is the most well known style that utilizes multiple kinds of metal. Considered by many to be the most high qualiy of the mass produced hookahs available.

Magdy Zidan

Magdy Zidan Hookahs are close competitor to Khalil Mamoon that is well respected for their very clean welds and good quality. Similar designs to Khalil Mamoon hookahs make it fairly easy to mistake them for each other. Some vendors and shops have mistakenly or intentionally sold MZ hookahs as KMs. Buyers commonly make the same mistake as well.

Iranian Hookahs

Turkish Hookahs

A rarely found style in the US, Turkish hookahs do not have a purge valve and use male fitting bowls that sit inside the top of the stem rather than over the stem like a standard Egyptian bowl. Usually constructed from brass. The most well known and sought after brand is known as Elmas meaning diamond in Turkish.

Read our Complete Guide to Turkish Hookahs article to learn more about these rare finds.

Syrian Hookahs

Syrian hookahs have a more restricted draw than Egyptian style hookahs which many people prefer. At one point known to be the most available type of hookah that utilized solid brass construction. There are a variety of brands but Nour and Nawras hookahs are the most well known in the United States. Syrian hookahs are commonly found with both male and female style stems.

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