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Ceramic Hookah Bowl With Windcover

When I first started smoking hookah a long time ago I bought a couple of these bowls.  I have since moved onto other types of bowls but I keep a couple of these around. These bowls are similar to a standard modern ceramic bowl.  They are thin walled ceramic but are...

Layalina Natural Citrus Wood Charcoal

Charcoal is one of the three big necessities for smoking hookah.  There is really nothing you can do with a hookah and a bunch of hookah tobacco unless you have the proper charcoal to make it all come together and produce the hobby we all know and love. The charcoal...

Al Amir Cherry Shisha Review

Smells like cough syrup, which is about what I expect from a cherry hookah tobacco. The flavor is lacking and does not taste like cherry. It barely tasted like cough syrup.