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Stainless Steel Tongs & Tips for Tong Emergencies

The tongs that we use to adjust and work with our charcoal can often be overlooked as important but anyone who has been caught without tongs can tell you how necessary a good pair of tongs really is. This is a review of the Social Smoke Stainless Steel Tongs but also...

Hookah Charcoal Basket

For a long time now I have been using my wind cover as a charcoal carrier.  It's not the most effective charcoal carrier but it works if you are too cheap and stingy to drop the money on a real one.  Just don't tip it too far either way or you'll have a disaster. ...

Hookah-Hookah Grapefruit Shisha Review

If I had to choose I would say that this is a normal grapefruit and not a ruby red. If you are expecting the sweet and juicy flavor of slices of ruby red or sweetened ruby red grapefruit juice you are going to be less than happy. If you want a blend that tastes like slightly sweetened grapefruit oil or essence then this is the blend for you.

Tangiers Small Funnel Bowl

The funnel bowl design is a realively young one in regards to hookah innovation. The concept is that the bowl has a single hole in the middle with a raised edge to stop the tobacco and juice fromdripping into the hookah. Supposedly this will not only enhance but prolong the session. I have been using a Tangiers small funnel for wuite some time and it is easily one of my favorite purchases I have made for my hookah hobby.