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Last time in this series we went over the most common reasons you might not be getting smoke from your hookah. Now that you have learned the basics for getting your hookah smoking you may find that the smoke is a little harsh. If you are really screwing something up it may feel like you are breathing […]

Getting your own line of products for your hookah store seems to be all the rage right now and I’m damn happy about it. New products hitting the market means that the old dogs need to stay on their toes. Some of them will step up their game and stay competitive. Others will try to […]

Social Smoke just released their new fully washable hose and, thanks to the generosity of, I got one to review! This is the Social Smoke Large Professional Lounge Hose. Not exactly the catchiest name for a hose but it sure is descriptive and this hose has a very wide inner diameter and is billed […]

Coconut coals are, in my opinion, the best style of charcoal on the market for hookah. There are new brands hitting the market constantly but Coconara is still top dog and now you have options. Last year Coconara started making their coals in a cubed form rather than the flat squares they originally were. Some […]

Khalil Mamoon hookahs are known for their beautiful appearance and great functionality. When choosing a KM you can choose the hookah that think looks the best because almost all of them are designed to smoke the same way. A very open draw and smooth purge. One of my favorite looking hookahs is the Khalil Mamoon […]

In the world of hookah there seem to be some power house names that people flock to.  Khalil Mamoon, Nour and Mya Saray are examples of these.  The public opinion seems to sway back and forth on what is the best and the highest selling rigs are often a product of trends rather than actual […]

Brand and model:  Mya Saray Bambino Country of origin: China Height: 11″ Stock bowl: Small Mya ceramic Stock hose: Standard Mya hose Rating (1 to 10): 5 Over all I like this hookah.  It’s a simple and sturdy rig that is well designed but has a few short comings.  Firstly is the temperature of the […]'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed