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It’s that time again, folks! Nakhla has released it’s latest flavors state side and that means it’s time for a review. I just got these in yesterday and I’ve been smoking them since I got them. The first of the two flavors that has earned itself a review is Nakhla Mizo Blueberry. Did Nakhla hit it out […]

There is something special about the first time that you are really let down by one of you favorite brands. Shisha on the Beach was my first try at the Mix line from Nakhla and I have found myself disappointed by one of my favorite brands. Nakhla Mix Shisha on the Beach is a big bowl of […] You’ve all heard about my love of Nakhla Double Apple. When I first started smoking Double Apple, I was always told to avoid the boxed version of this tobacco and try to find the jar or the can. It had been said that the jars and tins are always fresher and the boxes tended […]

Mint is the old standby that everyone has tried and some people love. I am one of those people that loves mint tobacco and I keep it on hand at a times. The Mizo offering from Nakhla is one of the best mint flavors on the planet. This is a review for the boxed version […]

The Mizo line of tobacco from Nakhla is one of the best products on the market. Let’s just get that statement out of the way. I love this line of tobacco and I think that it’s one that every hookah smoker should check out. Recently, Nakhla released some new flavors for their Mizo line and […]

Nakhla Double Apple is a staple in the hookah smoking world. It is the most smoked hookah tobacco on the planet but some people don’t really like the flavor of aniseed. Personally, I love it if it’s done right. For those that on’t like the aniseed flavor, there are other options. Bahraini Apple is one […]

What do you call a hookah with no flavor? Pointless. It’s not a joke. (Not a good one anyway) It can happen and it can happen to you or someone you love. While blowing clouds and doing smoke tricks is fun, hookah is supposed to be about flavor. If you have carefully set up your hookah […]

Last time in this series we went over the most common reasons you might not be getting smoke from your hookah. Now that you have learned the basics for getting your hookah smoking you may find that the smoke is a little harsh. If you are really screwing something up it may feel like you are breathing […]'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed