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It’s almost Halloween and here in Salem, MA and it’s a fairly big deal.  I am a strong believer in enjoying food, drink and other indulgences that match the season.  That is why I am currently smoking a bowl of Social Smoke Cinnamon Apple. This flavor is described as apples sprinkled with cinnamon and I […] Those of you that have been following my reviews for even a short time will know that I am a big fan of floral flavors.  I think that we all need a break from the super sweet fruit flavors that most people associate with hookah. Social Smoke Rose is one of the many rose […] Pineapple, coconut and pina colada are all flavors that many people shy away from.  For a long time I was the same way.  These three flavors have the poor luck of being associated with sunblock in my mind.  Most brands I have tried just end up making these three taste like the sickly scent […]

Plum is not the flavor that gets the most attention bu it’s one that I like.  I have always been a fan of Dr Pepper and many people forget that it’s based on a spiced plum.  Every time I smoke plum I hope to find a great base for a Dr Pepper mix. In the […] Social Smoke hasn’t been around for a too long but they did not waste any time jumping into the idea of special flavor blends.  Voltage is supposed to be a blend of lemon, watermelon and amaretto, which is a sweet almond flavor. The smell on this one is very lemony with a slightly nutty […]

For a long time Fantasia Pink Lemonade was the flavor to have.  It was one of the most loved flavors along with others like Starbuzz Bluemist and Layalina Raspberry.  Social Smoke has decided to take a shot at this popular flavor and I think they did a pretty good job. The smell on Social Smoke […]

Cherry is one of the more common flavors in the hookah world but it’s one that is hard to get right.  Most cherry flavors taste medicinal and similar to cough syrup.  There are a few that don’t taste like medicine and these stand above the rest.  Social Smoke Cherry is one of those. The smell […]

This is a topic that I hear brought up quite regularly. “I’m sick.  Should I stop smoking hookah?” The short answer: Yes! Smoking of any kind is bad for you and makes it harder for the body to recover from illness.  The worst case scenario is if you are dealing with a chest cold or […]'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed