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Its Nima from Hookah.org. I hope you're having a happy Easter. Here is a quick recap of Hookah.org in March 2015.

We've also released a new updates to our forum iPhone app. Let us know what you think.

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Forum Threads
A few good threads & user blogs:

Our March Articles

Cleaning a Silicone Hookah Hose - click here

Here we are again with another article about cleaning the various pieces of a hookah and you folks likely think I'm some kind of ...

The Top 5 Mint Shisha Flavors - click here

Minty goodness is my favorite way to refresh the taste buds after smoking and reviewing countless flavors but what are my favorite mint flavors? ...

Shisha Flavor Reviews

Some email clients don't render this section too nicely. You can view this section in browser or simply visit our YouTube Channel.

shisha video review shisha video review
shisha video review shisha video review

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