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I'm super excited to announce that our forum iPhone app is finally released. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Today is the last day to submit your entry into our Winter Shisha Flavor Mix giveaway (sponsored by HookahSet.com)

In January we also upgraded a number of our shisha brand pages: Al Fakher, Fantasia, Fumari, Layalina, Nakhla, Othmani, Shisha Fruits, Social Smoke, Something Girlie, and Tangiers.

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 25% off HookahSet.com
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Forum Threads
A few good threads & user blogs:

Our January Articles

Lust Hookah Glass Bowl Packing - click here

If you haven't seen or read about me smoking from my Lust Halo XL at this point the you're not paying close enough attention and need to check ...

Cleaning a Clay Bowl with OxiClean - click here

Continuing my experiments with OxiClean style cleaners I took my oldest bowl with years of crud stuck to it and gave the dunk. What do you think happened? ...

Hookaset.com Hookah Vendor Review - click here

This review is based entirely on my own experience. This order was placed anonymously and I have not been bought off or influenced in any way...

Tangiers Approved Hookah Bowl Hole Pattern - click here

The proper way to smoke Tangiers tobacco has been a hot topic of debate since it was first introduced. Some smokers handle it like unstable...

How to Clean a Glass Hookah Bowl - click here

The beauty of a well made glass bowl is something to behold, but it doesn't last forever as gunk builds up inside these little pieces of art...

Shisha Flavor Reviews

Some email clients don't render this section too nicely. You can view this section in browser or simply visit our YouTube Channel.

shisha video review shisha video review
shisha video review shisha video review
shisha video review shisha video review
shisha video review

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