Al-Fakher Corporation ( was established in 1999, as a limited liability private company and is currently owned by an investment company in the Middle East. A relatively young company based in the United Arab Emirates known mostly for their hookah tobacco. Al Fakher tobacco is definitely one of the most smoked brands on the market. Their flavors are not so fruity, classic, and favorite among many smokers in Middle East. They are also the producer of the popular black style moassel known as Soft Black. Soft Black is a strong and robust tobacco similar to Nakhla Zaghloul.

Al Fakher shisha tobacco comes in four lines:

  1. The basic line known simply as Al Fakher (AF)
  2. Al Fakher Golden line which only has a few flavors and is Al Fakher’s more “premium” tobacco. It is juicier and more wholesome allowing to pack a more condensed bowl.
  3. Special Edition
  4. Non-Tobacco

Al Fakher also makes natural coals. Read our review of them here.

Al Fakher Tobacco Packaging

  • 50g Box: The tobacco comes in a laminated foil pouch inside a cardboard box wrapped in cellophane
  • 250g Plastic Tub: Using a laminated foil pouch similar to the 50g size but then packaged in a resealable plastic tub with a safety seal under the cap. The tubs have a small plastic handle. These are then packed in cardboard boxes.
  • 250g Plastic Box: The Golden line comes packed in a resealable, laminated foil pouch which is then placed in a plastic box with clear sides and a hinged top that is sealed down with an Al Fakher shisha logo sticker. This whole thing is then placed in a cardboard box.
  • 500g Tub: Packed in a re-sealable laminated aluminum pouch. Packaged similarly to the 250g packs and 1 kilo tubs, the pouch is packed in a resealable plastic tub with a safety seal under the lid.
  • 1 Kilo Tub: Just a larger version of the 500g tub. The tobacco is in a laminated and resealable foil pouch in a plastic tub with a safety seal under the lid. The handle on these tubs is useful as these are quite large.

Smoke Duration & Thickness

The smoke duration and thickness vary between the lines but it’s usually medium to thick smoke that can easily last an hour or more depending on the bowl you use.

Our Al Fakher Shisha Reviews

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Al Fakher Flavors List

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