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Fantasia Shisha Tobacco

Fantasia shisha tobacco ( is a modern hookah tobacco made in United States. Fantasia flavors are known for their sweet and unique mix of flavors that focus on mixed rinks and desserts as well as their thick smoke.

The tobacco used by Fantasia is grown in Europe and then blended with flavoring and other ingredients and packaged in the USA. With flavors that range from Apple Martini to Jager bomb this brand is sweeter and more candied than many other. Great for new smokers and those with a sweet tooth.

Fantasia Packaging

Fantasia hookah tobacco is available in 50g., 100g., 200g., and 1000g. (1kg). All the sizes are bagged in clear plastic bags to hold the flavor and juice in. The 50g. bags of shisha are then placed inside a nicely designed cardboard box, while the 100g. and 200g. are placed in convenient round jars. The Kilos are placed in a square tub, with a pop-up lid making it easily accessible for stacking in lounges or retail locations

Smoke Duration & Thickness

Fantasia tobaccos generally have thick and large smokes. A large bowl of tobacco usually lasts about half an hour to 45 minutes depending on how fast you are smoking or how many people are smoking it.

Fantasia tobacco usually smokes a little shorter than Social Smoke and Starbuzz.

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