Khalil Mamoon Hookahs, often called KMs, are handmade Egyptian hookahs and are one of the most popular brands. They range in style from very traditional to surprisingly modern and are known for their high quality, beautiful designs and easy draw. KM hookahs can be made from a variety of metals but they are mostly made of stainless steel.

Khalil Mamoon HookahsKhalil Mamoon Features

  • A very wide inner diameter which makes for a lot of airflow
  • An easy purge
  • Inventive design
  • A wide variety of designs

Most Popular KMs

Trimetal Khalil Mamoon hookahs are possibly the most popular Khalil Mamoon line, come in a variety of designs and use three kinds of metal. Stainless steel, brass and copper components make for a beautiful aesthetic.
The Pear hookahs, which have acrylic inserts in the stem in various colors, come in various configurations including single, double, triple and quadruple pear.
Exotica is the original Khalil Mamoon style. It’s a simple stainless steel construction with no extra frills.

Khalil Mamoon Hookah ShishaCounterfeit KMs

Khalil Mamoon Hookahs are some of the most copied designs on the market and that means it’s important to make sure you are getting a real KM hookah. To check if the hookah you want to buy is indeed a KM you need to look at the coal tray rest. This is the part of the hookah stem that the tray sits on top of. All KM hookahs have the lotus flower design and Arabic lettering. Some other companies have adopted the lotus design but they usually have their name printed along side it.

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