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Something Girlie Shisha Flavors

Brought to the market in 2013, Something Girlie is the only hookah tobacco company entirely run by women for women. The idea behind this line of products is that the tobacco flavors being offered by the rest of the industry are not paying attention to the female...

Layalina Shisha Tobacco Flavors

Layalina is a modern style, finely chopped hookah tobacco made in Dubai. While made in Dubai the company uses a Virginia strain tobacco in it's blends. The brand itself has been reinvented a few times as of late with packaging, naming and flavors all changing with...

Fantasia Shisha Tobacco

Fantasia shisha tobacco (FantasiaHookahFlavors.com) is a modern hookah tobacco made in United States. Fantasia flavors are known for their sweet and unique mix of flavors that focus on mixed rinks and desserts as well as their thick smoke. The tobacco used by Fantasia...