The other day I got a pack of citrus mint Starbuzz hookah tobacco. It was the first time I smoked Starbuzz tobacco at home (I had smoked it before at the hookah bars).

The tobacco is supposed to be a mix of mint and citrus. The tobacco smoked great (as all of the Starbuzz tobaccos that I have smoked so far). It was a smooth and thick smoke and lasted quite long.

But the flavor wasn’t exactly what I expected. I couldn’t smell the mint (at all). The orange flavor was overwhelming. While I liked the smoke, I don’t think I will be getting this particular flavor again.

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16 years ago

I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t think it was good. I had my hopes up when I saw that flavor, but I trust your judgment as we have similar tastes, so I probably won’t like it either.
I’m on a search to find a flavor that is as sweet as orange or mango, but as strong as mint.. So far I’ve come up empty-handed. I’ll probably post a topic about that.
Thanks for the review!

15 years ago

Wow!! Citrus mint happens to be my favorite flavor! Lol. I am an avid hookah smoker (twice a day)… Maybe you should try it again.. Other great starbuzz flavors are Blue Mist and Tequila Sunrise. =] try them

15 years ago

At first I thought this was a review for Citrus Mist as the name of the link implied (btw don’t smoke that flavor, its horrible, stick to blue mist). Citrus Mint is pretty good I found if you mix it with Mint Chocolate Chip in a 60/40 amount, the 40% being the chocolate. In my opinion Fumari makes a better Citrus Mint than Starbuzz, but this is a pretty decent smoke. My only complaint is that Starbuzz tends to make the more flowery tobaccos so it might taste kind of strange to some.

13 years ago

citrus mist is my favorite starbuzz flavor. i would go to a local hookah lounge and there they called it gummy bears on their menu. when you smoke it it tastes like you are inhaling vaporized gummy bears. wow its good

12 years ago

Ya i was dispointed wit this flavor smells amazing but doesnt tastes as fresh and refreshing as it smells. Im an avid al fahker and miso (nehla) smoker i always thought of starbuzz as a watever tobacco company however their new bold line has two of the most amazing flavors. Cocjumbo and pink lady i can smoke em whenever where ever smooth and really clean flavor

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