Since its founding in 2005 Starbuzz hookah tobacco has been the most popular brand of modern hookah tobaccos on the western market. Starbuzz flavors tend to be sweet and smooth with a wide range of options from simple offerings like Vanilla and Cherry to unique flavors such as the cedar wood flavored Lebanese Bombshell.

In recent years Starbuzz has ventured into other products including hookahs, coconut charcoal, electronic cigarettes, e-liquid and even scented candles.

Smoke Duration and Thickness

While the duration of a session depends on more than just the tobacco, Starbuzz is a very wet modern brand that can smoke for a long time without the smoke going thin. This is due in part to a high glycerin content, which is the main smoke producing component in modern hookah tobacco. The heavily saturated flavors also last for a long time and the average Starbuzz session can easily exceed an hour with large clouds and strong flavor.

The smoke itself is voluminous and puffy with a light texture. This depends on the individual flavor but they all have fairly similar smoking properties.

Starbuzz Packaging

Starbuzz shisha flavors come packages in six different forms:

  • Ready Heads: A single session dose of Starbuzz tobacco in package designed to eliminate the need for packing and foiling your bowl. As the name suggests, you simply have to unwrap the capsule, place it in your hookah bowl, fold the aluminum foil down over the bowl, peel back the label, and place your favorite charcoal on top. Best for travel, parties and other situations that require quick and clean setup.
  • 50 g Can: Small rectangle shape cans similar to an Altoid container with a plastic pouch inside containing 50g of as single flavor. Good for sampling flavors without a large investment.
  • 100 g Can: Cylinder shaped cans with 100 g of tobacco in resealable tinware.
  • 250 g Can: Cylinder shaped cans with 250 g of tobacco in resealable tinware. The most popular size due to the cost efficient price when compared to smaller containers an the more manageable volume when compared to a kilo bucket.
  • 1 kg Bucket: Large, plastic buckets of Starbuzz tobacco utilized mostly by hookah lounges or those who truly love a single flavor. This is a very large amount of tobacco.
  • Starter Sets: Starbuzz recently released starter sets that contain four 50g cans of their tobacco, a roll of charcoal and a pair of tongs. Aimed at first time Starbuzz smokers looking to get a taste of multiple flavors and products.

Starbuzz Flavors List

Starbuzz Shisha Reviews

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