Layalina is a modern style, finely chopped hookah tobacco made in Dubai. While made in Dubai the company uses a Virginia strain tobacco in it’s blends. The brand itself has been reinvented a few times as of late with packaging, naming and flavors all changing with each phase. As of writing this article, there is one line of tobacco and it includes 60 different flavors

There once existed a “Golden” line of Layaina that consisted of exclusive flavors as well as stronger and better versions of the flavors from their basic line. Golden Layalina seems to have been absorbed into the original
Layalina is a surprisingly young company having only broken into the international hookah market in 2003. This is the brand that many people start with thanks to the widespread coverage of smoke shops in the US comparatively low cost and consistent flavors.

Our Layalina Shisha Flavor Reviews

[flavors data=”521|Mangosteen|508|Cola|489|Pomegranate|482|Margarita”]


Layalina Shisha TobaccoThe new packaging consists of a tall, metal tin that is in line with the “premium” lines of modern tobacco. Commonly available in both 50g and 250g tins. There are still a few shops selling the older version in cardboard packaging, which is being billed as “Classic” Layalina. This is still graet tobacco but it is from old stock and likely an old recipe.

Layalina Shisha Flavors

Following is a list of Layalina flavors:

  1. 1001 Nights
  2. Aloha
  3. Apple Bahraini
  4. Apple Mania
  5. Apricot
  6. Banana
  7. Blackberry
  8. Blueberry
  9. Blueberry Mint
  10. Bubblegum
  11. Gum
  12. Gum Mint
  13. Cappuccino
  14. Cherry
  15. Cherry Cola
  16. Chocolate Mint
  17. Coconut
  18. Cola
  19. Cranberry Grape
  20. Desert Dream
  21. Double Apple
  22. Double Apple Mint
  23. Eskandarani
  24. Florida
  25. Grape
  26. Grape Lemon
  27. Grape Mint
  28. Guava
  29. Guava Lemon
  30. Guava Mint
  31. Guava Orange
  32. Jasmine
  33. Kiwi
  34. Kiwi Strawberry
  35. Layalina Fruit Special
  36. Lemon
  37. Lemon Mint
  38. Mandarin
  39. Mango
  40. Margarita
  41. Melon
  42. Mint
  43. Mixed Fruits
  44. Ocean Mist
  45. Orange
  46. Orange Mint
  47. Passion Fruit
  48. Passion Melon
  49. Peach
  50. Pinacolada
  51. Pineapple
  52. Pomegranate
  53. Power Booster
  54. Raspberry
  55. Raspberry Lemon
  56. Rose
  57. Rose Mint
  58. Strawberry
  59. Vanilla
  60. Watermelon

Layalina Coals

Layalina produces hookah coals as well. Check our article on Layalina Natural Citrus Wood Coals.

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