As many of you know I am a bigger fan of robust and realistic flavors over sweet and artificial ones.  This is much of the reason that I avoid flavors fashioned after mixed drinks.  I’m not a mixed drink kind of guy to begin with but when they are translated into hookah tobacco they become even more candied and sugary.

Layalina Margarita is different.  It is by far the most accurate margarita flavor I have had to date.  Right out of the package it smells like tequila and salt with a citrus twist.  This is very similar to how a real margarita smells.  They aren’t sugary and they sure as hell aren’t frozen.  They taste like tequila, lime, bitter orange and salt.  I actually don’t know that many people that enjoy real margaritas.

From my experiences in the past, margarita flavored tobacco tastes like lime.  It’s sweet, sour and very candied.  When I wanted lime I ordered margarita.  That is what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised.  The flavor of this tobaco is very much like the smell.  It’s accurate and strong.  If you really like margaritas then you need to check this one out.  It can be found in 50g packs pretty easily and is worth a try even if you don’t like/know if you like margaritas because it a somewhat sweeter than the real drink.

8 out of 10.  This is one of the most accurate flavors I have found and it’s reasonably priced.  The reason I docked it one point was because I don’t think it will appeal to everyone and, as a fan of just about everything but tequila, it’s not a flavor I would want to smoke every day.  The clouds are also a little lacking compared to the storm cloud brands.  For the margarita drinker though this one is spot on and about as good as I can see it getting.

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