Founded in 1913, Nakhla is the oldest and most smoked hookah tobacco around the world. Nakhla shisha flavors are strong, accurate, tasty and affordable. Nakhla is flat out a solid hookah tobacco. Their flavors are not as fruity and sweet as other tobacco like Starbuzz, Social Smoke, or Fantasia, but many avid hookah smokers love them.

Saleh Mohamed El-Ibiary, the founder of Nakhla, started their MU’ASSAL factory in the year 1913 in Shebin El-Kom, Egypt. MU’ASSAL is a mild-tasting tobacco, due to its preparation with molasses, glycerin, fragrant oils or essence (from Nakhla Official Site).

Nakhla tobacco is known for being more traditional than brands like Starbuzz and Fantasia. Nakhla has very natural tasting flavors and is an unwashed tobacco meaning that the nicotine content is higher. There are 9 different lines of Nakhla shisha tobacco. Some have distinct differences and others are a bit hazy. They are as follows:

  • Two Apples: For many, the only 2 apples flavor that matters. This is the most smoked tobacco on the planet an it is widely considered the best double apple.
  • Classic Flavors: Basic fruit flavors ranging from apricot to mint.
  • Mizo: A more modern take on some of the flavors from the other lines. Much more moist and, some believe, stronger flavored.
  • Sherazade: Offers the most pungent flavors that Nakhla tobacco produces like cinnamon and earl gray tea.
  • Fakhfakhina: A line using flavors commonly found in Middle Eastern cafes. Pistachio and rose are two of the most well known flavors here.
  • El Basha: A softer line of flavors. It has been said for a long time that this is a lightly washed line from Nakhla and would explain why there are so many flavors in this line that already existed in other lines.
  • El Nakhla: Fruity and tropical flavors find their home in this line.
  • Tropicana: Only one flavor exists in this line. It’s only known as Tropicana and is a grapefruit mix with other flavors.
  • Non-Flavour: This line is the most traditional in the entire Nakhla lineup. No fruit flavors. Just aged tobacco and molasses. Potent and flavorful.
  • Mix: This is the newest line of tobacco being produced by Nakhla. This line is consists of mixes of their other flavors and has much more modern themes than the other lines.

Nakhla Packaging

  • 50g Boxes: The tobacco is wrapped in plastic, sealed in a bag and then in a cardboard box with cellophane encasing the whole thing.
  • 250g Boxes: Packed up and sealed in the same way as the 5g packs except the internal bag is a foil pouch with a better seal.
  • 250g Plastic Tubs: The mizo line comes in the classic box as well as resealable plastic containers.
  • 250g Metal Cans: A few very popular flavors can be bought in 250g that come with a resealable plastic lid.
  • 1 kilo Metal Cans: Like the 250g version but a full kilo.
  • 250g Glass Jars: Nakhla Double Apple and Strawberry are offered in all of the previous forms as well as a glass jar with a plastic lid. Bahraini Apple is only offered in the jar.

Our Nakhla Shisha Flavor Reviews

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Nakhla Shisha Flavors

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