You all know that I have been traveling a lot as of late, but I’m unsure if I clarified why. All of my friends are getting married and I have been hopping back and forth between the east and west coasts of this country so that I can attend all of these wonderful events. Understandably, that means I’ve been attending a few parties. If you love a good party like I do you’ll understand the danger you’re subjecting your hookah to by bringing it along. Also, hot coals can be a danger to both people and property. Here are a few tips you can make use of to help prevent shattered glass and burnt carpets from ruining your night.

Invest in a cheap hookah of good quality. My favorite hookah for parties is the MYA acrylic because the stem is solid brass, the base is acrylic and it smokes like a champ. It might not be the most impressive looking hookah, but it’s almost guaranteed to survive the night.

Unless you are partying with hookah snobs like me, forget about your most expensive bowls. I know that you want to show off the awesome, custom Crown Classic you just bought, but it’s not worth the risk. Remember your roots, use a cheap bowl and just enjoy the smoke without worrying constantly. The vast majority of party-goers will not be able to tell the difference and you should be able to get a great session out of a standard Egyptian clay bowl.

Get a Hookah Home. I haven’t tried one of these out for myself yet, but these are hookah accessories designed to help prevent tipping of the hookah and potential disasters. These are not fool proof, but they will add a lot of stability to your favorite rig.

Reduce your heat and leave the wind-cover on. I can’t tell you how many times I watched my hookah tip just a little bit and seen the coals slide off the bowl. All it takes is on person who doesn’t understand that hoses don’t stretch to see your rig do an impression of the leaning tower. If you have a wind-cover on when this happens all you need to do is put the coals back on the bowl because they should have just dropped into the tray.

Smoke outside. If you have the option for an outdoor smoke and the weather is nice, I see no reason to smoke inside. This simple choice reduces the crowding around the hookah, the potential for tips and the potential damage to the house in the even of an accident. Coals on linoleum are going to cause some permanent marks. Coals on the grass are still good to go.

Consider the Leila portable hookah. This is an entirely self contained mini-hookah that is designed for use in the car, but can be carried around in your hand just as easily. All the tobacco and charcoal is actually contained inside the unit and it remains pretty cool to the touch even so. This is seriously one of the best party options. Take it from table to table and share the hookah love.

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